Protect the World with New Avenging Superhero Toys

Bleacher Creatures is bringing maximum cuddling power to Avengers: Age of Ultron with these new plush! Featuring your favorite characters from the team, you won’t want to miss out on these cuddle bugs. Each plush measures about 10-inches tall, with the Hulk at 11-inches.

Black Widow dons a new suit in Age of Ultron, featuring electric blue, glowing piping. Her signature belt remains and her bullet cuffs get a fresh color scheme. Hawkeye also gets a costume change, wearing a long black and purple coat and carrying his quiver on his back.

Iron Man wears his classic red and gold suit. We’re sure Tony has a heart in there somewhere, but this plush version showcases only his fighting persona. The giant green rage monster, known to most as the Hulk, is 11-inches tall in his dark purple shorts. The plush version features his signature scowl and defined muscles.

Steve carries his shield on his back as the Captain America 10-Inch Plush. He wears his helmet and the detailed uniform from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Thor returns in his Asgardian garb, complete with Mom’s draperies his cape.

And, last but certainly not least, Nick Fury – no longer “dead” – assembles the plush team. He wears all black, including his signature eyepatch.

These Ultron plush are scheduled to arrive in August 2015.

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